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About NTLA

The National Tax Lien Association (NTLA) was founded in 1997 as a nonprofit professional trade organization for the tax lien industry. It is dedicated to representing the interest of investors lenders, service providers, and government officials in regards to tax lien sales, as well as promoting the benefit of those sales as reliable income for municipal, county, and some state budgets. 

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Who Attends?

  • Tax Lien Investors
  • Tax Foreclosure Attorneys
  • Fund Managers
  • Tax Lien Lending Banks
  • Tax Lien Servicers
  • REO Managers
  • Lien Traders
  • Technology Providers
  • Government Officials
  • Private Sector Executives
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Why Attend?

The NTLA Annual Conference is the premier event for the tax lien industry, connecting the most dynamic and influential community of tax lien based professionals. This conference provides 14 + hours of scheduled networking options, general sessions and 20 break-out session options for educational courses discussing legislative updates, common practices, and current industry trends all over the US. 

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This conference runs through all 3 days, from March 1-3, 2017.
Day 1
01 Mar 2017
Day 2
02 Mar 2017
Day 3
03 Mar 2017

Open Registration and Check-In

Registration will open at 12:00PM EST on March 1, 2017 and last for three hours. On the second floor in the Exhibit Hall you will be able to check-in and...
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Vendor Exhibition Hall Opens

Vendor Exhibition Hall Opens: Meet and Greet Networking Event. This event will last for two hours.

NTLA Board of Director’s Meeting (*Board Members Only)

Board of Directions will gather for a 90 minute convention meeting.

President’s Welcome Networking Reception

Fun filled evening where colleagues will have the opportunity to network among each other while enjoying drinks and entertainment.
7:30 am

Grand Breakfast Buffet

NTLA @ Work

The long awaited and long overdue groundbreaking news from the National Tax Lien Association! The industry will never be the same. Join Brad and Trey for the latest NTLA news...
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US Anti-trust Training

You are free to choose but not the consequences of your choices: 3 years, $350,000 individually, $10 million Corporate. Learn how to stay safe in an auction environment, the do’s...
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10:00 am

Networking Break 1

LAB 1: The 2016 Year in Review!

Deep Dive into volumes sold, nationally and by State, bid rates, and property type trends. A three year case study presented!

LAB 2: From Spreadsheet to Servicing System

Learn the 10 spreadsheet sinkholes, the cost efficiency of systems, and 5 solutions to improve your current situation.

Lab 3: How to buy un-redeemed seasoned tax liens and not lose your shirt!

A play by play description of effective due diligence and property restoration!  A personal guide from one of Chicago’s largest tax deed investors.

Lab 4: How to bridge the gap between unsophisticated individual investors and institutional investors.

A place and space for everyone to succeed with diverse goals and interests.

LAB 6: South Carolina Tax Liens: An in-depth look at what pitfalls and oversights can financially ruin you.

Walk away with a clear understanding of the sale process and making tax titles marketable.

LAB 7: Servicing Essentials

How tax lien servicers can avoid the same pitfalls made by the mortgage servicing industry. A look at avoiding objectionable servicing issues found by New York Courts.

LAB 9: Pending and Proposed legislative changes to (Colorado, Louisiana, Indiana and Iowa).

A legislative review to discuss increasing attractiveness of investing these states.

LAB 10: Secondary Market & New Jersey Tax Lien Niche Successes

How to compete and win in a seasoned tax lien world. Learn from one of the Largest secondary market buyers in N.J.
12:00 pm

Conference Luncheon

Keynote Address: “State of the Union Housing and Economic Overview”

The Economy and the Housing Market. This talk begins by reviewing the health of the national economy and the national housing market so as to better put into context local...
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Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D.
2:00 pm

Networking Break 2

LAB 11: The Cubs Win, The Cubs Win the Pennant! In other incredible news: Learn all things Illinois!

Tax lien and tax deed investing 101 thru 300 level course! Lessons learned from a tax foreclosure attorney’s perspective. The process, the remedies and the pitfalls.

LAB 12: Florida Tax Deed Issues with Title and other complex issues.

What happens when the County does not track the conveyance of title?  Beware of these landmines: Mobile Home conveyances, HOA/Condo Liens, slander of title, survey problems, and county liens enforcement.

LAB 14: REO Exit Strategies for today’s economic climate.

Learn how to optimize the sale price for every REO property through a diversifies sales approach. The leading CEO for REO in the secondary marketplace shares his insights.

LAB 15: Debt Buying for Dummies!

Why tax lien investors should seriously consider buying defaulted debt. Ten Keys to successfully buying or selling distressed assets.

LAB 16: The Do’s and Don’ts of Indiana Tax Lien Investing – a chronological guide!

An in-depth discussion on tax sales, commissioner sales, and deed sales in Indiana. Everything you need to know to conquer the learning curve.

LAB 18: Secondary Market Report 2016 and 2017 Prospectus.

What’s transpired in trade volumes in 2016, looking into the crystal ball what will happen in 2017.  How to efficiently buy or sell on the secondary market and the reasons...
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LAB 19: How blockchain will change the way you buy and sell tax liens.

You have probably heard of Bitcoin in the news but did you know it’s built on blockchain? By using blockchain municipalities and investors can remove the complexity of tracking lien...
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LAB 20: The Lenders Forum

A panel discussion among America’s tax lien lending institutions. What states work, what states don’t and why. What investors need to know and do before approaching a lender for funding!

Legal Round-Up

The Legal Solution Session is open for business! Do you have legal counsel in New Jersey but not in Connecticut? Take advantage of a room full of qualified, experience and...
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5:00 pm

Island Jammin’ Happy Hour

8:30 am

NTLA Breakfast

NTLA Legislative Report

Every year in America over 150,000 new bills are introduced. Through the power of FiscalNote, the NTLA sifts through all 50 states looking for bills that will affect our marketplace...
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